For years, companies just like yours face the build verses buy dilemma for your metal parts. The build option gives you complete control, but means you enter an entirely new business. The buy decision means managing dozens of subcontractors, many of whom were fabricating for hundreds of different customers. This option may be more flexible, but you lose control. So you go back and forth measuring the risks and rewards and wondering shouldn’t there be a better way?

Now there is a better way!

Welcome to Cobotix, we’re changing the way North America manufactures. We design a manufacturing facility custom tailored to meet your needs. The manufacturing cell has a dedicated manager and team focused solely on your manufacturing requirements. The equipment, processes and team are optimized to meet your demand, product mix and your unique specifications.

Using the latest in automation software and technology, unprecedented economies of scale or achieve. The dedicated team is focused solely on your needs resulting in the most efficient means of manufacturing possible.

Satellite Cell or Co-located Cell

There are two kinds of manufacturing cells we can operate for you, in a satellite cell we set up an independent facility usually close to your plant. In a co-located cell, we set up our equipment right in your facility, this is the highest level of integration achievable. Our intent is complete integration of our cell with your needs, this includes not only manufacturing but design, scheduling and quality control. We work as closely with you as is necessary to meet your unique needs. So your dilemma is no longer build or buy, there’s a better way, a cooperative way, the Cobotix way.

Cobotix, changing the way North America manufactures.